Student Awarded Caxton Club Grant

Jack Swab, a graduate student at the University of Kentucky pursuing a Masters in Geography and Masters of Library and Information Science, was recently selected to receive a $2500 grant from the Caxton Club to study map history at the British Library in London.


“I am really grateful for the opportunity to get the grant and I am excited to see what I can go find in London.” Jack said.


The reason for traveling to London is that the Sanborn map company disposed of many of its non-map related records in the 1960s, however the Goad map company has records kept in the British Library. The Goad company is a similar map company and collaborated with the Sanborn map company.

The Sanborn Map Company was at one point the largest producer of maps in the United States. They produced highly detailed fire insurance plans that were used by insurance companies in the underwriting process.


This endeavor combines his interest of geography and libraries into a single educational experience.


“I am finding that the intersection between geography and library science and information science is really rich and fruitful and is something that is super important for both disciplines.” Jack said.


Jack Hopes to continue his education and obtain a PHD in Geography or pursue the academic library route.


About the Caxton Club: The Caxton Club is a not-for-profit organization devoted to the study and promotion of the book arts. It was founded in 1895 by fifteen Chicago bibliophiles who desired to support the publication of fine books in the spirit of the prevailing Arts and Crafts Movement.

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