Turner's Presentation on ICTs in Agriculture

After completing undergraduate studies at New Mexico State University in 2010, Aaron Turner joined the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering department at UK as a master's level graduate research assistant. He has been on staff in the department as an engineer associate since 2012, and part-time in the PhD program since 2013. His current research focuses on modeling grain harvest logistics. USDA AFRI funded his research with the overarching goal of developing capacity planning and decision support tools for producers. Advances in the technologies used in production agriculture have given us the ability to collect large datasets that can be utilized to inform our models and examine the whole system in greater detail than ever before. 

Turner spoke to ICT 150 about his work on this project as it involves fleet telematics for agricultural vehicles. 

Telematics deals with the long-distance transmission of computerized information. Thus it is a new area that allows producers to check and monitor operations in real time, transfer data wirelessly, and troubleshoot equipment remotely, which saves dollars annually and improves production time.

Turner brought with him a few different technologies that he uses regularly in his fieldwork. These technologies have GPS tracking systems in them.

For more information about Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering at the University of Kentucky, visit: https://www.uky.edu/bae/