Shannon Barniskis's picture

Barniskis, Shannon

Assistant Professor

Barniskis [at]

Kari Benguria's picture

Benguria, Kari

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Education, Emphasis in Instructional Technology
310E Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-3413
kari.benguria [at]

Beth Bloch's picture

Bloch, Beth

Assistant Professor

PhD in Information Sciences
320 Little Lucile Fine Arts Library
beth.s.bloch [at]

Dr. Bloch's research meets at the intersection of health, technology, information systems, and values.

Alison Buckley's picture

Buckley, Alison

Faculty Lecturer

alison.buckley [at]

alison.buckley [at]

Will Buntin's picture

Buntin, Will

Assistant Director
319 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 257-3317
will.buntin [at]

Heather Burke's picture

Burke, Heather

Student Affairs Officer
320 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-0956
hjbu222 [at]


Sean Burns's picture

Burns, Sean

Associate Professor

sean.burns [at]

Ph.D. in Information Science and Learning Technologies
327 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-2296
sean.burns [at]

Research areas: Scholarly communication, information retrieval, academic libraries

Maria Cahill's picture

Cahill, Maria

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Literacy Education
University Research Professor (conferred May 2021)
355 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-2293
maria.cahill [at]

Research interests: school librarianship and school media, literacy, education

Yu Chi's picture

Chi, Yu

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Library and Information Science
351 Little Fine Arts Library
yu.chi [at]

Research interests: health information behavior, human-data interaction, search as learning, and health informatics

Namjoo Choi's picture

Choi, Namjoo

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Informatics
339 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 257-4113
namjoo.choi [at]

Research areas: Open Source Software, Online Communities, and Social Media.

Melissa Clarkson's picture

Clarkson, Melissa

Assistant Professor

Multidisciplinary Science Building, room 230C
mclarkson [at]

Research Interests: Knowledge representation and data integration, human-information interaction, biomedical ontologies
Joint Appointment with the Division of Biomedical Informatics, Department of Internal Medicine

Troy Cooper's picture

Cooper, Troy

Assistant Professor

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ph.D. in Communication
332 Little Fine Arts Library
troy.cooper [at]

Conrad Davies's picture

Davies, Conrad

Faculty Lecturer

conrad.davies [at]

M.A. in Communication
310 Little Fine Arts Library
859 218-3410
conrad.davies [at]

Allyson DeVito's picture

DeVito, Allyson

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Communication & Information
310E Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-3348
allydevito [at]

Ashley DeWitt's picture

DeWitt, Ashley

Senior Lecturer

Master's, Library and Information Science
320 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-2290
ashdewitt [at]

Research interests: Information literacy, library history, gender and librarianship.

Daniela DiGiacomo's picture

DiGiacomo, Daniela

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Education (Learning Sciences and Human Development)
352 Little Fine Arts Library
daniela.digiacomo [at]

Research interests: Designing formal and informal learning settings in ways that support and extend young people’s lived experiences, interests, and expertise

Meghan Dowell's picture

Dowell, Meghan

Assistant Professor

meghan.dowell [at]

Lisa Enright's picture

Enright, Lisa

Faculty Lecturer

Lisa.Enright [at]

Fatima Espinoza-Vasquez's picture

Espinoza-Vasquez, Fatima

Assistant Professor

PhD in Information Science and Technology
316 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-2298
Fatima.EspinozaVasquez [at]

Research interests: ICTs, social movements, Latin America and political participation

Terrell Frey's picture

Frey, Kody

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Communication
326 Little Fine Arts Library
terrell.frey [at]

Research interests: instructional communication, speech communication, course assessment, interpersonal communication, communication technology

Brandi Frisby's picture

Frisby, Brandi


Ph.D. in Communication Studies
Associate Dean of Student Success, College of Communication and Information
310G Little Fine Arts Library
brandi.frisby [at]

Meredith Garrison's picture

Garrison, Meredith

Faculty Lecturer

310M Little Fine Arts Library
(859 218-0919
meredith.king [at]

Raj Gaur's picture

Gaur, Raj

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Communication
rgaur2 [at]

Spencer Greenhalgh's picture

Greenhalgh, Spencer

Assistant Professor

PhD in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology
341 Little Fine Arts Library
spencer.greenhalgh [at]

Stephen Haggerty's picture

Haggerty, Stephen

Senior Lecturer

Master's, Communication Studies
CIS 111 Coordinator
310D Little Fine Arts Library
stephen.haggerty [at]

Chas Hartman's picture

Hartman, Chas

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Communication
310D Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-3411
cjhart2 [at]

Hayley Hoffman's picture

Hoffman, Hayley

Faculty Lecturer

hayley.hoffman [at]

Jeffrey T Huber's picture

Huber, Jeff


Ph.D. in Library and Information Science
Director, School of Information Science
323 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 257-2334
jeffrey.huber [at]

Research areas: Health information resources and services, health information outreach, and health literacy.

Soohyung Joo's picture

Joo, Soohyung

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Information Science
337 Little Fine Arts Library
soohyung.joo [at]

Research areas:Digital libraries, information technology, interactive information retrieval, data mining.

Renee Kaufmann's picture

Kaufmann, Renee

Associate Professor

PhD in Communication
335 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 323-4717
Renee.Kaufmann [at]

Research areas: communication technologies, instructional communication

Amanda Lawrence's picture

Lawrence, Amanda

Senior Lecturer

326 Little Library Building
amanda.lawrence13 [at]

Research interests: instructional communication, training and development, business and professional communication

Luke LeFebvre's picture

LeFebvre, Luke

Assistant Professor

PhD in Communication
320 Little Fine Arts Library
luke.lefebvre [at]

Research Interests: Innovative and foundational communication education, instructional communication, pedagogical practices, and communication technology.

Joe Martin's picture

Martin, Joe

Senior Lecturer

Th.M., M.Div., Ph.D.
CIS 110 Coordinator
joe.martin [at]

Blanca Munoz's picture

Munoz, Blanca

Faculty Lecturer

blanca.munoz [at]

Shannon Oltmann's picture

Oltmann, Shannon

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Information Science
320 Little Fine Arts Library
Research areas: Access to information; intellectual freedom and censorship; information policy; privacy; and public libraries.

Firaz Peer's picture

Peer, Firaz

Assistant Professor

firazpeer [at]

PhD in Digital Media
320 Little Lucile Library
Research focuses on examining the ways in which data-centric and algorithmic systems construct and are in turn constructed by the communities they are designed for.

Brian Real's picture

Real, Brian

Assistant Professor

brian.real [at]

Research areas: Public libraries, digital inclusion, archives, film and media preservation, historical development of communication industries, government-made film.


Samantha Schweinsberg's picture

Schweinsberg, Sam

IT Support Specialist 

320 Little Fine Arts Library 

samantha.schweinsberg [at]

Nicole Staricek's picture

Staricek, Nicole

Faculty Lecturer

nicole.staricek [at]

Sarah Jane Tamme's picture

Tamme, Sarah Jane

Student Affairs Officer
ICT Admissions Coordinator
320 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-0221
sarah.tamme [at]

Amber Troxell's picture

Troxell, Amber

Administrative Services Assistant
325 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 257-8370
amber.troxell [at]

Jessalyn Vallade's picture

Vallade, Jessalyn

Associate Professor

jessalyn.vallade [at]

Director of Assessment

Ph.D. in Communication Studies

Phone: 859-218-3412

Office Address: 329 Little Fine Arts Library

Fallon Watson's picture

Watson, Fallon

Faculty Lecturer

fallon.watson [at]

Doctor of Psychology

Office: 310M Little Fine Arts Library

Research interests: organizational leadership

Sherali Zeadally's picture

Zeadally, Sherali


Ph.D. in Computer Science
University Research Professor (conferred May 2016)
315 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-2299
szeadally [at]

Research areas: Cybersecurity, privacy, Internet of Things, computer networks, mobile computing, energy-efficient networking