Sean Burns's picture

Burns, Sean

Associate Professor

sean.burns [at]

Ph.D. in Information Science and Learning Technologies
327 Little Fine Arts Library
Phone number: (859)218-2296
Research areas: Scholarly communication, information retrieval, academic libraries

Personal website:

Melissa Clarkson's picture

Clarkson, Melissa

Assistant Professor

mclarkson [at]
  • Multidisciplinary Science Building, room 230C
  • 859-323-7232
  • Joint Appointment with the Division of Biomedical Informatics, Department of Internal Medicine
  • Research Interests: Knowledge representation and Data integration, Human-information interaction, Biomedical ontologies
Troy Cooper's picture

Cooper, Troy

Assistant Professor

troy.cooper [at]

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ph.D. in Communication
Phone: 859-257-9589
Office Address: 332 Little Fine Arts Library

Ashley DeWitt's picture

DeWitt, Ashley

Faculty Lecturer

ashdewitt [at]

Master's, Library and Information Science
320 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-2290
Research areas: Information literacy, library history, gender and librarianship.

Fatima Espinoza-Vasquez's picture

Espinoza-Vasquez, Fatima

Assistant Professor

Fatima.EspinozaVasquez [at]

PhD in Information Science and Technology
316 Little Fine Arts Library Building
Phone: 859-218-2298
Research interests: ICTs, social movements, Latin America and political participation

Deloris Foxworth's picture

Foxworth, Deloris

Part-time Instructor

deloris.foxworth [at]
Terrell Frey's picture

Frey, Kody

Assistant Professor

terrell.frey [at]

Ph.D. in Communication, University of Kentucky, 2019

326 Little Fine Arts Library

Phone: 859-257-5679

Research interests: instructional communication, speech communication, course assessment, interpersonal communication, communication technology

Brandi Frisby's picture

Frisby, Brandi

Associate Professor

brandi.frisby [at]

Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs, College of Communication and Information

Ph.D. in Communication Studies
Phone: 859-257-9470
Office Address: 310G Little Fine Arts Library

Jennifer Gilbert's picture

Gilbert, Jennifer

Part-time Instructor

jennifer.gilbert [at]
Spencer Greenhalgh's picture

Greenhalgh, Spencer

Assistant Professor

spencer.greenhalgh [at]

PhD in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology
341 Little Fine Arts Library Bldg
Phone: (859) 218-2294

Jeffrey T Huber's picture

Huber, Jeff

Full Professor

jeffrey.huber [at]

Ph.D. in Library and Information Science
Director and Professor
323 Little Fine Arts Library
Phone: (859) 257-2334
Research areas: Health information resources and services, health information outreach, and health literacy.

Renee Kaufmann's picture

Kaufmann, Renee

Assistant Professor

Renee.Kaufmann [at] ">Renee.Kaufmann [at]

PhD in Communication

335 Little Fine Arts Library

Phone: 859-323-4717

Research areas: communication technologies, instructional communication

Barbie E. Keiser's picture

Keiser, Barbie

Part-time Instructor

Barbie.Keiser [at]
Luke LeFebvre's picture

LeFebvre, Luke

Assistant Professor

luke.lefebvre [at]

PhD in Communication 
320 Little Fine Arts Library 
Research Interests: Innovative and foundational communication education, instructional communication, pedagogical practices, and communication technology.

Michael Littrell's picture

Littrell, Michael

Part-time Instructor

Michael.littrell [at]
Karoline Manny's picture

Manny, Karoline

Part-time Instructor

karoline.manny [at]
Firaz Peer's picture

Peer, Firaz

Assistant Professor

firazpeer [at]

PhD in Digital Media
320 Little Lucile Library
Research focuses on examining the ways in which data-centric and algorithmic systems construct and are in turn constructed by the communities they are designed for.

Curt Rees's picture

Rees, Curt

Part-time Instructor

curtrees [at]

Curt Rees
curtrees [at]

Joseph Sanchez's picture

Sanchez, Joseph

Part-time Instructor

joseph.sanchez [at]
Victoria Sherif's picture

Sherif, Victoria

Part-time Instructor

victoria.sherif [at] ">victoria.sherif [at]
Cecilia Virtue's picture

Virtue, Cecilia

Part-time Instructor

cecilia.virtue [at]
Sherali Zeadally's picture

Zeadally, Sherali

Associate Professor

szeadally [at]

Ph.D. in Computer Science
University Research Professor (conferred May 2016)
315 Little Fine Arts Library
Phone number: (859) 218-2299
Research areas: Cybersecurity, privacy, Internet of Things, computer networks, mobile computing, energy-efficient networking