Sean Burns's picture

Burns, Sean

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Information Science and Learning Technologies
327 Little Fine Arts Library
Phone number: (859)218-2296
Research areas: Academic libraries, scholarly communication, library and information science history and ethics.

Troy Cooper's picture

Cooper, Troy

Assistant Professor

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ph.D. in Communication
Phone: 859-257-9589
Office Address: 332 Little Fine Arts Library

Emily Rae Cothran's picture

Cothran, Emily

Part-time Instructor
Ashley DeWitt's picture

DeWitt, Ashley

Faculty Lecturer

Master's, Library and Information Science
320 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-2290
Research areas: Information literacy, library history, gender and librarianship.

Fatima Espinoza-Vasquez's picture

Espinoza-Vasquez, Fatima

Assistant Professor

PhD in Information Science and Technology
316 Little Fine Arts Library Building
Phone: 859-218-2298
Research interests: ICTs, social movements, Latin America and political participation

Jeffrey T Huber's picture

Huber, Jeff

Full Professor

Ph.D. in Library and Information Science
Director and Professor
323 Little Fine Arts Library
Phone: (859) 257-2334
Research areas: Health information resources and services, health information outreach, and health literacy.

Renee Kaufmann's picture

Kaufmann, Renee

Assistant Professor

PhD in Communication

335 Little Fine Arts Library

Phone: 859-323-4717

Research areas: communication technologies, instructional communication


Barbie E. Keiser's picture

Keiser, Barbie

Part-time Instructor
Karoline Manny's picture

Manny, Karoline

Part-time Instructor
David Nemer's picture

Nemer, David

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Informatics
329 Little Fine Arts Library
Phone: 859-218-0288
Research interests:  ICT for Development (ICT4D), science and technology studies (STS), human-computer interaction (HCI), social media, and community informatics

Bryce Newell's picture

Newell, Bryce

Assistant Professor

PhD in Information Science

350 Little Fine Arts Library Building

Phone: 859-218-3415

Research areas: ICT law and policy, technology regulation, surveillance, privacy, access to information, policing, immigration, information ethics

Nick Proferes's picture

Proferes, Nick

Assistant Professor

PhD in Information Studies

352 Little Fine Arts Library Building

Phone: 859-218-3417

Research areas: social media, information policy, information ethics

Curt Rees's picture

Rees, Curt

Part-time Instructor

Curt Rees

Victoria Sherif's picture

Sheirif, Victoria

Part-time Instructor
Ryan Shrauner's picture

Shrauner, Ryan

Part-time Instructor
Cecilia Virtue's picture

Virtue, Cecilia

Part-time Instructor
Sherali Zeadally's picture

Zeadally, Sherali

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Computer Science
University Research Professor (conferred May 2016)
315 Little Fine Arts Library
Phone number: (859) 218-2299
Research areas: Cybersecurity, privacy, Internet of Things, computer networks, mobile computing, energy-efficient networking