Kari Benguria's picture

Benguria, Kari

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Education, Emphasis in Instructional Technology
310E Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-3413
kari.benguria [at] uky.edu

Troy Cooper's picture

Cooper, Troy

Assistant Professor

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Ph.D. in Communication
332 Little Fine Arts Library
troy.cooper [at] uky.edu

Conrad Davies's picture

Davies, Conrad

Faculty Lecturer

conrad.davies [at] uky.edu

M.A. in Communication
310 Little Fine Arts Library
859 218-3410
conrad.davies [at] uky.edu

Allyson DeVito's picture

DeVito, Allyson

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Communication & Information
310E Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-3348
allydevito [at] uky.edu

Lisa Enright's picture

Enright, Lisa

Faculty Lecturer

Lisa.Enright [at] uky.edu

Terrell Frey's picture

Frey, Kody

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. in Communication
326 Little Fine Arts Library
terrell.frey [at] uky.edu

Research interests: instructional communication, speech communication, course assessment, interpersonal communication, communication technology

Brandi Frisby's picture

Frisby, Brandi

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Communication Studies
Associate Dean of Student Success, College of Communication and Information
310G Little Fine Arts Library
brandi.frisby [at] uky.edu

Meredith Garrison's picture

Garrison, Meredith

Faculty Lecturer

310M Little Fine Arts Library
(859 218-0919
meredith.king [at] uky.edu

Raj Gaur's picture

Gaur, Raj

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Communication
rgaur2 [at] uky.edu

Stephen Haggerty's picture

Haggerty, Stephen

Senior Lecturer

Master's, Communication Studies
CIS 111 Coordinator
310D Little Fine Arts Library
stephen.haggerty [at] uky.edu

Chas Hartman's picture

Hartman, Chas

Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Communication
310D Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 218-3411
cjhart2 [at] email.uky.edu

Jeffrey T Huber's picture

Huber, Jeff

Full Professor

Ph.D. in Library and Information Science
Director, School of Information Science
323 Little Fine Arts Library
(859) 257-2334
jeffrey.huber [at] uky.edu

Research areas: Health information resources and services, health information outreach, and health literacy.

Amanda Lawrence's picture

Lawrence, Amanda

Faculty Lecturer

326 Little Library Building
amanda.lawrence13 [at] uky.edu

Research interests: instructional communication, training and development, business and professional communication

Luke LeFebvre's picture

LeFebvre, Luke

Assistant Professor

PhD in Communication
320 Little Fine Arts Library
luke.lefebvre [at] uky.edu

Research Interests: Innovative and foundational communication education, instructional communication, pedagogical practices, and communication technology.

Joe Martin's picture

Martin, Joe

Senior Lecturer

Th.M., M.Div., Ph.D.
CIS 110 Coordinator
joe.martin [at] uky.edu

Nicole Staricek's picture

Staricek, Nicole

Faculty Lecturer

nicole.staricek [at] uky.edu

Jessalyn Vallade's picture

Vallade, Jessalyn

Assistant Professor

jessalyn.vallade [at] uky.edu

Director of Assessment

Ph.D. in Communication Studies

Phone: 859-218-3412

Office Address: 329 Little Fine Arts Library

Fallon Watson's picture

Watson, Fallon

Faculty Lecturer

fallon.watson [at] uky.edu

Doctor of Psychology

Office: 310M Little Fine Arts Library

Research interests: organizational leadership