The McConnell Collection for the Study of Youth Literature



The McConnell Collection was deaccessioned in 2018. This page provides information about the collection and the former McConnell Center, as well as the McConnell Conference which the School previously hosted.

The McConnell Collection for the Study of Youth Literature, named after beloved educator and mentor Anne McConnell, was created to serve as a unique examination, study, and research center of the School of Information Science at the University of Kentucky. The McConnell Collection supported teaching, learning and research related to children's and teen/young adult literature by serving as a resource for UK students, UK faculty, researchers, public librarians, school librarians, teachers, child care providers, parents, authors and illustrators of youth literature, and other adults who work with children.

The McConnell Center was a place committed to identifying excellent literature for children and adolescents and to bringing this literature to the attention of those adults who have an academic, professional, career, or personal interest in connecting young readers with books.The McConnell Collection included current, retrospective, and historical books published for children and teens/young adults.

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History of the Collection

The Center for the Study of Children's Literature was established in 1983 by the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) and the University of Kentucky School of Information Science (then the School of Library and Information Science). The Center was later rechristened The McConnell Center for the Study of Children's Literature in honor of Professor Emerita Anne Y. McConnell. In 2006, the name was altered to reflect the full range of the resources in the collection. In 2016, the center was consolidated into the McConnell Collection for the Study of Youth Literature. The McConnell Collection contained materials appropriate for children (birth through 12 years of age) and teens or young adults (12 through 18 years of age). The collection has since been deaccessioned in 2018, its contents largely being acquired by the Education Library on UK campus.