CI Staff Council

The College of Communication and Information Staff Council (CI Staff Council) meets to advocate ideas and concerns of staff members and create activities to promote involvement within the community.

Leadership Team

Laure Ziembroski Smith, Chair
Chris Larmour, Secretary

Rachel Dixon, Dean's Office (Student Services)
Cheryl Edwards, Department of Integrated Strategic Communication (Business Officer)
Catherine Hayden, Dean's Office (Administrative Support)
Jen McConchie, Dean’s Office (Administrative Support)
Bridgette Sloan, Department of Integrated Strategic Communication (Administrative Support) 


CI Staff Bylaws

CI Staff Bylaws, updated February 2017 


CI Staff Educational Award

In November 2017, University of Kentucky's College of Communication and Information Staff Council announced the availability of a new CI Staff Educational Award. The award supports a full-time CI staff member who is pursuing educational growth through coursework at the University of Kentucky.

Award Overview

The CI Staff Educational Award exists principally to assist in professional and personal development of eligible University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information staff. The award is sponsored by the CI Staff Council with support of the Dean's Office. Funds may be used to help offset higher education costs like books, school supplies, or course fees. 


University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information regular full-time staff employees (0.75 FTE and greater) who are participating in the Employee Education Program (EEP) are eligible to apply for this award. 

Selection Process 

All CI Staff Educational Award recipient(s) are chosen from submitted award applications by CI Staff Council and will be evaluated anonymously. Any eligible staff member can submit a completed application, except current members of the staff council. 

Award Amount 

The CI Staff Educational Award will be a one-tme payment (not to exceed $150) to be determined by the CI Staff Council. Awards are disbursed in Spring and Fall semesters each year. The award may not be recieved in consecutive semesters.The award is only available for courses through the University of Kentucky.

Application Materials 

Applicants should submit a completed CI Staff Educational Award application, a copy of their EEP form (PDF or .docx), and a250-500 word essay on how this award will improve your educational goals.


CI Staff Council Outreach Activities

In 2015, the College of Communication and Information Staff Council sponsored its first college-wide Holiday Hygiene Drive, benefiting the Lexington Hope Center. The Hope Center fights homelessness by providing shelter, food, clothing, recovery, employment, housing, health, mental health, social service, education and outreach to those in need. The hygiene drive collected disposable razors, shampoo, conditioner, soaps, toothpaste and toothbrushes, which were personally delivered during the holiday season. In recent years, the staff council has hosted many successful service projects, including a canned food drive for Big Blue Pantry, a letter writing service for Ashland Terrace residents, a backpack/school supply drive for childrem, and by collecting holiday gift donations for local families. Additionally, the staff council has implemented an annual Thanksgiving potluck as well as a staff appreciation luncheon. 




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