Expedited MSLS Plan

For students who are looking to complete their MSLS degree in less than the standard two-year period, our Expedited Degree Plan may be an option.

If you have:

a) Time to commit yourself to four 3-credit hour courses each semester,

b) A desire to lower your overall tuition costs,

c) Wish to earn your master's degree as soon as possible for professional, financial or other reasons,

The expedited option may appeal to you. Students who follow this plan for their degree can graduate from the program in as little as 18 months. Keep in mind this is an intensive course of study with a full academic load that requires organization and self-discipline on the part of the student. Students who begin the program with an expedited degree plan in mind may always switch to a regular full-time or part-time course load at their discretion.

Please note that is it strongly recommended students applying to the program for an expedited path submit their application around three months prior to the deadline (see admissions for current deadlines). Doing so enables those students to have a wider array of options for course placement given the number of hours needed in one semester. Current students on an expedited path should be sure to register for their classes at the earliest available window.

Here is an example expedited degree plan (actual plans will vary on course availability):


Expedited Degree Plan


Semester 1: 1st, 2nd and 3rd Core Courses and 1st IT Requirement

Semester 2: 2nd IT Requirement, 4th Core Course, 1st Foundational Requirement and 1st Elective

Semester 3 (Final Semester): 2nd Foundational Requirement, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Electives; Complete Final Program Portfolio


Core Courses (all required)

LIS 600 Information in Society

LIS 601 Information Seeking, Retrieval & Services

LIS 602 Information Representation & Access

LIS 603 Management in LIS


IT Requirement (Choose Two)

LIS 636 Foundations of Information Technology

LIS 638 Internet Technologies & Information Services

LIS 668 Information Systems Design

LIS 690 (any special topics IT course)

Foundational Requirement (Choose Two)

LIS 630 Online Information Retrieval

LIS 621 Introduction to Information Services

LIS 672: Practicum*

And Four Elective Courses for 36 credit hours (see complete course list)**


*although LIS 672 may be repeated, it only counts toward the foundational requirement once.

**Elective offerings for expedited degree plan students may be limited each semester.

Expedited Degree students will need to complete the required Office Suite trainings before the end of their second semester.