Ph.D. in Communication

The Ph.D. program emphasizes communication as a social science. Graduates are prepared for university positions and careers in government, the media and other organizations as researchers, consultants and policy makers. Students must demonstrate general knowledge of communication theory and research methods, as well as competence in a core area of specialization. Current core areas include communication and information systems, health communication, interpersonal communication, risk and crisis communication, and mass communication.
The Doctor of Philosophy in Communication at the University of Kentucky requires all students to complete at least 45 credit hours.  Credit hour guidelines for the doctoral program are as follows:

  Minimum of Required Post-M.A. Hours
Theory and Contexts: 12 credits
* CJT 651 Communication Theory
* CJT 751 Advanced Topics in Communication Theory Construction
* CJT 631 Proseminar Interpersonal Communication
        or CJT 645 Proseminar in Mass Communication
Area of Specialization 12 credits
Research Methods/Statistics: 12 credits
* CJT 664 Qualitative Methods in Communication Research
* CJT 665 Quantitative Methods in Communication Research
* STA 570 Basic Graduate Statistics Analysis (or approved equivalent by DGS)
    3 credits
Research Problems in Communication 
* CJT 790 Special Research Problems in Communication
Cognate   6 credits
Dissertation Residency Credit   4 credits
     TOTAL   49 credits            
* required courses