Master's in ICT


While the ICT undergraduate curriculum is designed to prepare students to assume positions that require basic knowledge and skills commensurate with bachelor’s level preparation, the master’s curriculum is designed to prepare students to assume positions that require more in-depth knowledge of the field. The curricula reflect the knowledge and skill sets students need to successfully compete in the ICT job market. Students in the ICT master’s program will begin to focus on a certain area or aspect of Information Communication Technology. Students admitted to the master’s program may concentrate their studies into one of  three tracks: health, technology and analytics, or policy and regulation. Or, students may choose to work with their adviser to create a program of ICT that best suits their educational and professional goals.


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About the ICT Program

Information Communication Technology (ICT) programs strive to educate students to assume roles where the application of information technology (IT) is concerned, with the ultimate goal of connecting people, organizations, and communities to enhance their ability to succeed. The UK ICT program focuses on the intersection of technology, the people who use that technology, the policies and regulations governing or affecting use of that technology, and the community or environment in which that technology is used, in order to facilitate communicating information in meaningful ways. The ICT master’s program focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills to assume leadership positions charged with effectively applying, using, and managing technology when solving problems specifically related to information and communication.