Degree Requirements for the Master's in ICT

This chart shows the core courses and select electives for the ICT master's. The MS in ICT is available face-to-face, on campus with select courses available online.

36 credit hours are required for the master's in ICT, including 15 hours of core courses. Students are expected to complete fifteen hours of required course work (600, 610, 650, 661 or other qualifying data science class) within the first 18 hours of their program of study with the exception of ICT 596 Practicum (to be taken after completion of 18 hours). Once the student has entered the final semester of course work, she/he will begin work on the program portfolio (see "Exit Requirements" at bottom of page).


Core Courses (required)
Course # Course Name
ICT 600 ICT in Society
ICT 610 Research Methods for ICT
ICT 650 Introduction to Leadership in Information Professions
ICT 661 Intro to Data Science (or another qualifying Data Science course)
ICT 596 Practicum (3 credit hours repeated, 6 total)
Elective Courses Concentration Area
ICT 552 Cybercrime and Digital Law Enforcement Policy & Regulation
ICT 605 Information Policy & Regulation Policy & Regulation
ICT 651 Technology Security Technology & Analytics
ICT 550 Security Informatics Technology & Analytics
ICT 638 Advanced Web Design Technology & Analytics
ICT 658 Knowledge Management Technology & Analytics
ICT 634 Information Architecture Technology & Analytics
LIS 629 Introduction to Medical Informatics Health
ICT 640 Health Information Resource Services Health
ICT 626 Electronic Information Resources in the Health Sciences Health
ICT 627 Consumer Health Information Resources Health
CJT 771 Seminar in Health Communication Health
CJT 775 Seminar in Health Communication Campaigns Health
CPH 752 Leadership in Public Health Health
ELS 602 Leadership in Professional Learning Communities  
EDL 665 School Technology Leadership for Digital Citizenship  


The following courses have been approved for inclusion in the ICT master's curriculum. Unless otherwise noted (indicated by a *) , these courses do not have pre requisites.
HSM 601 Overview of US Healthcare
HSM 602 Organizational Change and Strategic Planning (pre req HSM 601)*
HSM 624 Information Systems in Health Care (pre req HSM 602) *
EDC 547 Technology in Instructional Practice
EDC 548 Instructional Technology Leadership

The following courses being offered by our College may also contribute to the ICT master's:
CJT 671 Proseminar in Health Communication
CJT 726 Communication Leadership Studies
JOU 531 Media Law and Ethics
JOU 541 The First Amendment, Internet and Society
MAS 535 Telecommunications and Network Management

The following courses are other suggested University courses:
CPH 752 Leadership in Public Health
ELS 602 Leadership in Professional Learning Communities
EDL 665 School Technology Leadership for Digital Citizenship
STA 580 Biostatistics I (pre req MA 109 College Algebra or equivalent)*


Exit Requirements

Students pursuing the ICT master's will submit a final program portfolio as their program exit requirement. A portfolio consists of the following:

  • Professional resume or vita
  • Personal statement on overall program experience
  • Summary list of course artifacts or other materials selected for inclusion in the portfolio
  • Actual artifacts selected for inclusion
  • Student's learning outcomes essay


To graduate, a student must maintain at least a 3.0 grade average.