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2023 Di and Gabay, 4-4; Kiihnl and Griffith, 5-3, 19th seed, Octafinals, Griffith - 17th speaker

2022 Di and Griffith, 13th first round, Doubles; Kiihnl and Adam, 4-4 with 10 ballots

2021 Di and Griffith, 14th first round, Doubles; Barrett and Lucas, 2-2 with 5 ballots (dropped due to illness)

2020 Eckert and Hackman, 10th first round; Ivackovic and Lucas (NDT not held due to COVID-19)

2019 Bannister and Trufanov, 1st first round bid, 1st seed, NDT Champions, 8-0 with 24 ballots; Hackman and Rivas

2018 Adam and Noparstak, 16th first round, 26th seed, Octafinals, 5-3 with 14 ballots; Bannister and Trufanov, 5th first round bid, 13th seed, Doubles, 5-3 with 18 ballots

2017 Adam and Noparstak, 23rd seed, Doubles, 5-3 with 14 ballots; Bannister and Trufanov, 13th first round, 22nd seed, Doubles, 5-3 with 14 ballots

2016 Grasse and Noparstak, 10th first round, 6th seed, Quarterfinals, 6-2 with 18 ballots; Geldof and Vargason, 16th first round, 22nd seed, Doubles, 5-3 with 15 ballots; Hampton and Roman, 17th seed, Doubles, 5-3 with 17 ballots

2015 Grasse and Noparstak, 12th seed, Octas, 6-2 with 16 ballots; Geldof and Vargason, 13th seed, Octafinals, 6-2 with 14 ballots; Hampton and Roman

2014 Grasse and Roman; Geldof and Vargason

2013 Grasse and Roman, 16th seed, Doubles, 5-3 with 16 ballots; Geldof and Strong

2011 Gautam and Steckler

2010 Gautam and Gentile, 28th seed, Quarterfinals, 5-3 with 13 ballots

2008 Gentile and Theodosopoulos, 27th seed, Partial-Double, 5-3 with 11 ballots; Gautam and Gort

2007 Gentile and Theodosopoulos
2006 Jones and Schy, 23rd seed, Octafinals, 5-3 with 15 ballots; Theodosopoulos and Thiele

2004 Hartmann and Schy

2003 Hartmann and Schy; Bunch and Whittaker

2002 Hubbard and Tetzlaff, 9th first round, Hubbard - 5th speaker, 2nd seed, Finals, 7-1 with 19 ballots

2001 Hubbard and Kall

2000 Jensen and Ray, 11th seed, Partial-Double, 6-2 with 17 ballots; Hubbard and Kall

1999 Jensen and Ray, 27th seed, Partial-Double, 5-3 with 14 ballots

1998 Jensen and Ray

1997 Jensen and Ray

1996 Stetson and Teagle

1995 Finch and Skiermont, 2nd first round, Skiermont - 1st speaker, 11th seed, Quarterfinals, 6-2 with 16 ballots; Patil and Renzelmann

1994 Patil and Skiermont, 1st first round, Skiermont - 1st speaker, Patil - 5th speaker, 1st seed, Quarterfinals, 7-1 with 20 ballots; Renzelmann and Wells, 11th first round, 15th seed, Octafinals, 5-3 with 15 ballots; Finch and Kiani, 15th in first round voting

1993 Renzelmann and Skiermont, 14th first round, Skiermont - 4th speaker; Reeve and Wells; Finch and Kiani

1992 Reeve and Skiermont; Finch and Kiani

1991 McKinney and Walsh, 4th first round, McKinney - 1st speaker, 7th seed, Quarterfinals, 6-2 with 18 ballots; Reeve and Rockefeller, Rockefeller - 9th speaker, 13th seed, Partial-Double, 5-3 with 17 ballots

1990 McKinney and Rockefeller, 7th first round, McKinney - 5th speaker, 16th seed, Quarterfinals, 5-3 with 15 ballots; Gallagher and Walsh

1989 McKinney and Rockefeller, 13th first round, 6th seed, Semis, 6-2 with 18 ballots; Massey and Walsh

1988 Hodges and McKinney, 12th first round, 20th seed, Partial-Double, 5-3 with 14 ballots; Rockefeller and Walsh

1987 Hodges and Kupferberg, 11th first round, 20th seed, Partial-Double, 5-3 with 15 ballots

1986 Brownell andPapka, 8th first round, Papka - 8th speaker, 3rd seed, NDT Champions, 7-1 with 15 ballots;-Flowers and Kupferberg, 11th first round

1985 Mankins and Papka, 2nd first round, Mankins - 4th speaker, Papka - 8th speaker, 13th seed, Quarterfinals, 5-3 record with 14 ballots; Flowers and Kupferberg, 12th seed, Octafinals, 5-3 with 15 ballots

1984 Mankins and Papka, 12th first round, 4th seed, Octafinals, 6-2 record with 18 ballots; Flowers and Kupferberg

1982 Mancuso and McGlothlen, 3rd first round, Mancuso - 1st speaker, 2nd seed, Semifinals, 7-1 with 18 ballots; Dzuris and Kincaid

1981 Jones and Mancuso, 2nd first round, Jones - 1st speaker, Mancuso - 4th speaker, 1st seed, Semifinals, 8-0 with 23 ballots; Dzuris and Kincaid

1980 Jones and Mancuso, 4th first round, Jones - 5th speaker, 6th seed, Octafinals, 6-2 with 16 ballots

1979 Duffy and Jones

1978 Duffy and Jones

1977 Oberst and Skillman, 5th first round, Skillman - 1st speaker, Oberst - 6th speaker, 6th seed, Quarters, 6-2 with 15 ballots

1976 Oberst and Skillman, 4th first round, Skillman - 3rd speaker, Oberst - 9th speaker, 9th seed, Octafinals, 5-3 with 16 ballots

1975 Skillman and Thomson, 11th first round, Skillman - 8th speaker, 5th seed, Semifinals, 6-2 with 16 ballots

1974 Flegle and Jones, 6th first round, Jones - 7th speaker, 1st seed, Semis, 7-1 with 19 ballots; Oberst and Viehe, 10th seed in elims, Octafinals, 6-2 with 14 ballots

1973 Flegle and Jones

1968 Page and Valentine

1967 Page and Valentine

1964 Crockarell and Grogan

1960 Fitzgerald and Curris, 14th seed, Octafinals, 4-4 with 14 ballots

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