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Have you considered a career as a librarian or information professional?  At the University of Kentucky’s School of Information Science, we offer courses to help you grow as a librarian or informational professional in nearly any setting.

Mission and Vision

The University of Kentucky School of Information Science, an interdisciplinary community of scholars and professionals, brings together communication, information, instruction and technology. Students learn to leverage knowledge and skills to become critical and informed members of diverse communities. We model and foster equitable and human-centered approaches to problem solving, innovative research, information access and synthesis, and responsible leadership.


In 1911, the first classes in library science were offered at the University of Kentucky. In 1932, the Department of Library Science was formed, becoming the Graduate School of Library Science in 1968 and finally the College of Library Science in 1970, earning it the distinction of being the first college of library science in the United States. It first established distance learning programs in 1973. The College of Library Science became the College of Library and Information Science in 1982. In 1993, the College of Communications merged with the College of Library Science to form the College of Communications and Information Studies, adding the School of Library and Information Science as a unit within the College.

The School began offering a fully online master’s degree in library science in 2009, then an undergraduate online minor in Information Studies in 2013. Instructional Communication and Research became a part of the School in 2013, and the Information Communication Technology program debuted in 2014. On July 1, 2015, the School's name became the School of Information Science to reflect the increasing diversity of programs offered in the School and the expansion of professions in the information field.

320 Lucille Little Library
Lexington, KY 40506-0224

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