About Us

Thank you for your interest in pursuing a graduate degree in communication at the University of Kentucky. Our college offers a PhD, MA, and an array of certificate programs where students have the opportunity to learn from and conduct research with renowned faculty. We have a collaborative culture and our students benefit tremendously from the diversity of interests of our faculty and colleagues across related areas of study. Regardless of whether your interests are scholarly or professional in nature, our program is here to serve you in the pursuit of your goals. I am enthusiastic about representing this prestigious program and welcome you to apply today!  

Anthony M. Limperos, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in Communication


About Our Program

The College of Communication and Information offers programs leading to the Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Communication, as well as a dual master’s option through the School of Library and Information Science.  Additionally, we offer the unique opportunity to obtain Graduate Certificates in Health Communication, Risk Sciences and Instructional Communication.
We approach the study of communication as a social science with an emphasis on both theory construction and empirical research methods in order to generate new knowledge about communication as a core process.  Our students benefit from a broad foundation understanding of the discipline, as the graduate faculty draw from each academic unit in the College of Communication and Information:  the Department of Communication, the Department of Integrated Strategic Communication, the School of Journalism and Telecommunications, and the School of Information Science.
Students may develop a program of study emphasizing (or combining) research areas such as Health Communication, Information Studies, Instructional Communication, Media and Mass Communication, as well as Risk and Crisis Communication. We have a long history of encouraging collaboration among communication professionals to conduct research that will contribute directly to the well-being of citizens.
Our program is designed to serve the needs of students whose goals may include teaching and academic research, professional research, or communication careers in the media or other organizations.  Many of our doctoral students secure tenure-track positions at Research I institutions. Other successful graduate placements include research director for the Cancer Information Service, senior health communication specialists for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and associate vice president for a large health care system.
We invite you to visit the University of Kentucky and see for yourself why we are so proud of this prestigious program!

Please E-mail GradCommatuky [dot] edu if you are interested in scheduling a campus visit.