New graduate students are admitted for fall enrollment only.

Admission to the Graduate Program in Communication is highly competitive.  The number of applicants is far greater than the number of available spaces. Each year, our Admissions Committee is faced with the challenge of selecting the best from a pool of highly qualified applicants.  We take into account all elements of the application, however, students must have a 3.0 GPA or higher from their undergraduate and graduate institution in order to be considered for admission. Please note that we only review applications that are completed by the deadline.  Due to the competitive nature of our program, we strongly advise that you complete your application materials well before the deadline.


Five Questions for Admission to the Graduate Programs in Communication

1. What topics, problems or areas of communication do you plan to investigate in your graduate program?

2. In your educational or professional background, what has prepared you to enter the Graduate Program in Communication at the University of Kentucky?

3. Why did you select the Graduate Program in Communication at the University of Kentucky as the program appropriate to your immediate and ultimate career goals?

4. Which faculty do you believe offer the closet match to your interests and educational needs?

5. What demonstrates your suitability for graduate study in our program? Build an argument for your admission?