Recent Publications

Frisby, B. N., Kaufmann, R., & Beck, A. (accepted). Mediated group development and dynamics: An examination of video chatting, Twitter, and Facebook. Communication Teacher.

Kaufmann, R. & Frisby, B. N. (accepted). Dimensions of instructor disclosure as predictors of perceived instructor caring and relevance: Implications for rhetorical and relational goals of instruction. Communication Research Reports.

Strawser, M. G., Frisby, B. N., & Kaufmann, R. (accepted). Universal adaptation: Examining accessibility in the basic course. Basic Course Annual.

Sutton, J., & Kaufmann, R. (in press). Designing imminent threat messages for an unfamiliar hazard. Communication Teacher.

Kaufmann, R., & Buckner, M. M. (accepted). Revisiting ‘power in the classroom’: Exploring online learning and motivation to study course content. Interactive Learning Environments. doi: 10.1080/10494820.2018.1481104

Lin, X., Kaufmann, R., Spence, P. R., & Lachlan, K. A. (in press). Agency cues in online comments: Exploring their relationship with anonymity and frequency of helpful posts. Southern Communication Journal. doi: 10.1080/1041794X.2019.1584828

Oltmann, S. M., Knox, E.J.M., Peterson, C., & Musgrave, S. (Accepted). Using open records laws to conduct research. Library & Information Science Research.

Oltmann, S. M. (Accepted). ‘They kind of rely on the library’: School librarians serving LGBT students. Journal of Research on Libraries and Young Adults.

Oltmann, S. M. (Accepted). Public librarians’ views on collection development and censorship. Collection Management.

Oltmann, S. M. (accepted). Qualitative interviews: A methodological discussion of the interviewer and respondent context. Forum Qualitative Research.