Recent Publications

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Pilny, A., Poole, M.S., Reichelmann, A., & Brennan, K. (in press). A structurational group decision-making take on the public goods game: Results from an online experiment. Journal of Applied Communication Research.

Shumate, M., Cooper, K., Pilny, A., Pena y Lillo, M. (forthcoming). The nonprofit capacities instrument. Nonprofit Management & Leadership.

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Schecter, A., Pilny, A., Leung, A., Poole, M.S., & Contractor, N. (accepted). Step by step: Capturing the dynamics of work team process through relational event sequences. Journal of Organizational Behavior.

O'Brien, N., Pilny, A., Atouba, Y., Shumate, M., Fulk, J., & Monge, P. (accepted). How does NGO partnering change over time? A longitudinal examination of factors that influence partner selection. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.

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