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Degree Requirements - 36 credit hours

The following core courses are required:

  • LIS 600 Information in Society
  • LIS 601 Information Search
  • LIS 602 Knowledge Organization
  • LIS 603 Management in Info Orgs

Choose one of the following courses:

  • LIS 631 Social Media for Info Organizations
  • LIS 634 Information Architecture
  • LIS 636 Foundations of Information Technology
  • LIS 638 Internet Technologies & Information Services
  • LIS 661 Intro to Data Science*
  • LIS 662 Data Analysis & Visualization*
  • LIS 665 Intro to Digital Libraries
  • LIS 668 Information Systems Design
  • LIS 690 (any special topics IT course)

* Formerly LIS 690 special topics courses.

Choose seven courses from semester offerings. See the UK Catalog for a complete list of course offerings and course descriptions.

Other elective options include additional courses from the IT requirement section, LIS 695 Independent Study or LIS 672 Practicum.  LIS 672 may be repeated.


Elective Clusters

The list below is suggested electives for particular areas of interest. Students can use this as a program planning tool if they wish to focus their course of study in one or more particular areas. Students should also discuss course options with their faculty advisor.

  • LIS 646 Academic Libraries
  • LIS 659 Collection Development
  • LIS 665 Introduction to Digital Libraries

  • LIS 661 Introduction to Data Science
  • LIS 662 Data Analysis and Visualization

  • LIS 626 Electronic Information Resources in the Health Sciences
  • LIS 627 Consumer Health Information Resources
  • LIS 629 Introduction to Medical Informatics

  • LIS 634 Information Architecture
  • LIS 668 Database Management

  • LIS 618 Games, Literacy, Meaning and Learning
  • LIS 619 Informal Learning in Information Organizations

  • LIS 631 Social Media for Information Organizations
  • LIS 645 Public Libraries
  • LIS 659 Collection Development

  • LIS 641 Law Librarianship
  • LIS 643 Archives and Manuscripts Management
  • LIS 665 Introduction to Digital Libraries

  • LIS 606 Literature and Materials for Early Childhood
  • LIS 610 Library Materials and Literature for Children
  • LIS 616 Information Behavior of Children and Youth


Expedited Option

Some students in the program may wish to complete their degree in under two years by taking beyond a full time course load. We consider these students on an "expedited" path. For more information about what that sort of degree path entails, please visit the Expedited MSLS Plan page.

Concurrent Degrees and Certificates

Masters students at UK can pursue concurrent degrees, sharing nine hours between the two degrees. One example is the MA in the Department of Modern and Classical Languages, Literatures and Cultures. Students must receive approval from the Director of Graduate Studies from both programs. Students may also want to consider a graduate certificate, like the Graduate Certificate in Instructional Communication. The certificate is 12 credit hours and focuses on the design of messages in an instructional context.

Exit Requirements and Assessment

Click here for more information.

State Authorization Disclosure

Per state laws, distance education courses and programs must be legally authorized in a state prior to offering courses or programs to students residing there. Therefore, program availability varies by state. Students should check the UK Out-of-State Educational Activities website to determine if a distance education program at the University of Kentucky is available in their state of residence.

Student Relocation Disclosure

All distance education students should keep in mind that relocating during the course of a program to another state could impact whether that student can continue in the course and/or meet the eligibility requirements of that state. If you plan to move to another state during your program, please contact your program advisor as soon as possible.

Licensure Disclosure

States may have additional requirements for programs that lead to professional licensure or certification. If you plan to use the degree to seek licensure, you should also determine if the degree meets the educational requirements for licensure in your state. Visit the UK Out-of-State Educational Activities website to learn more about your program.

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