This page contains information and links relevant to assessment data for the School of Information Science and is broken down by program.


Library Science

Student Success Statistics

Students first academic year Retention % graduated Graduates completing in
2 yrs or less
Avg time to degree
(in years)
2013-2014 75% 74% 48% 2.4
2014-2015 77% 72% 49% 2.3
2015-2016 85% 70% 52% 2.1



Graduates Holding Position Relevant to LIS (or in further study)


Note: Data is gathered from student exit surveys and represents responses from 2013-2016.

American Library Association Documentation

Library Science Self-Study (2011)

Library Science Self-Study (2017)

Biennial Report (2012)

Biennial Report (2014)

Biennial Report (2016)

Date of most recent re-accreditation was 2018. Date of next site visit is Spring 2025.


Pass Rates

General Program Portfolio Pass Rate 97%
Praxis Exam Pass Rate 100%

Click here to visit the Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness' program data for the MS in Library Science.


Information Communication Technology

Click here to visit the Office of Planning and  Institutional Effectiveness' program data for the MS in ICT.