Degree Requirements: B.A. or B.S. in ICT


There are two emphasis areas for the ICT undergraduate major: 1)  Commercialization, and  2)  Technology Management. Students may choose one or combine classes from both to create their own plan of study. It's always important to speak with your instructors and your academic adviser before registering for courses so you are aware of your standing in terms of course pre-requisites, UK Core courses, and graduation requirements.

Degree requirements below may be subject to change. It's important to check with your advisor to make sure you are up-to-date with your course planning.



120 Credit Hours (EXCLUDES: KHP service courses, EXP courses, and remedial courses)

30 hours of General Education/UK Core* requirements (3 credits each): Arts & Creativity; Humanities; Social Sciences; Natural/Physical/Mathematical; Composition & Communication I (CIS/WRD 110); Composition and Communication II  (CIS/WRD 111); Quantitative Foundations (MA 111, PHI 120 or other approved course); Statistical Inferential Reasoning; Community, Culture & Citizenship in the USA; Global Dynamics

*Some IS/ICT classes may also count toward UK Core requirements. See here for a list of approved courses.

3 hours University Graduate Writing requirement: ICT 300

42 Hours at the 300 level or above
2.00 cumulative GPA and 2.00 major GPA required to graduate


Pre-Major Requirements–9 Hours
ICT 200—Information Literacy and Critical Thinking
ICT 201—
Personal Knowledge Management
ICT 202—
Technologies for Information Services

Core Requirements–12 Hours
ICT 205—Issues in ICT Policy
ICT 300—ICT in Society
ICT 301—Introduction to Databases
ICT 596—
Internship in ICT


Commercialization Track

Focus Area–12 Hours
Choose four courses from the following
ICT 307—Copyright
ICT 410—Privacy
IS 402—Competitive Intelligence
ISC 361—Direct Response Targeting: Media and Database Management (pre-requisite ISC 161)
MAS 322—Multimedia I
MAS 422
—Multimedia II

Electives–6 Hours
Select any two 300+ level IS or ICT courses in conjunction with your advisor

Cognate–15 Hours (300+ level) Outside the Major


Technology Management Track

Focus Area–12 Hours
Choose four courses from the following
ICT 302—Content Management Systems (new course effective fall 2015)
ICT 303—Systems Analysis
ICT 351—Technology Security
ICT 550—Security Informatics
ICT 552—Cybercrime and Digital Law Enforcement
JOU 330—Web Publishing and Design
MAS 355—Communication and Information Systems in Organizations
MAS 535—
Telecommunications Network Management

Electives–6 Hours
Select any two 300+ level IS or ICT courses in conjunction with your adviser

Cognate–15 Hours (300+ level) Outside the Major


Four year plans and other information may be found here.


Graduation: Exit Requirements

ICT majors will need to complete all the coursework for their emphasis area in the ICT program and meet the college requirements for their chosen degree.

College Requirements

For the BA, either the 202 level of a foreign language or 6 credits in LIN; STA 210.

For the BS, 9 credits in MA, STA or CS beyond UK Core, of which 3 credits must be in STA; 60 credits of science courses with at least 48 of those credits outside the College of Communication and Information.