ISC Alumni News

ISC Alumna finds viral business success using university-issued iPad

Meryum Siddiqi [ISC ‘20] launched a practice transferring her digital designs onto glass cups, notepads, stickers, totes and more during the pandemic. “It wasn’t a business at first, but my friends became interested,” she said. Siddiqi’s designs became products, and her products became a business — complete with a website, social media presence and a mission. Learn more about Meryum’s designs and UK’s Smart Campus initiative here.

Alumna is Official Artist of the 148th Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks

Aimee Griffith, a 2006 integrated strategic communication graduate, was recently named the official artist of the 148th Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks to be held May 6-7, 2022. The Kentucky artist is taking the title not as a well-known, classically trained painter but as a full-time mom turned nearly full-time painter.

Read more about Aimee Griffith’s Derby art here.

ISC Alumna Tia Edwards Makes Bourbon History

Tia Edwards, a 2001 integrated strategic communication graduate, entered the world of spirits by helping found a bourbon distilling company. In 2017, she started Fresh Bourbon with her husband, Sean Edwards, a business management graduate from the UK Gatton College of Business and Economics. Together the Kentucky natives are hoping to put a new spin on a local tradition while also reaching some historic milestones.

Read more about Fresh Bourbon here.