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Certificate in Sport Communication, Media and Promotion

The 12-hour certificate in Sport Communication, Media and Promotion emphasizes the connections between sport, communication and society through coursework across multiple units in the College of Communication and Information.

Successful completers of this certificate will have the foundational knowledge necessary to prepare them for a broad range of careers in the sports industry. Students will examine broader, global issues in the context of sport and media while also learning the strategies required to communicate sports information to a variety of audiences. Students must have a 2.0 to be admitted to the Certificate in Sport Communication, Media and Promotion Program and maintain a 2.0 overall GPA at the end of their first year, and a 2.0 in certificate classes to graduate from the certificate.


The Certificate of Sport Communication, Media and Promotion curricula are as follows:

  • A minimum of 12 credits of course work taken for a letter grade.
  • At least three credits at the 200-level and a minimum of three credits at the 300-level.
  • No more than nine credits taken for a certificate can be used to satisfy the requirements for the student’s bachelor’s degree, a minor or another certificate, exclusive of free or unrestricted electives.
  • Certificates will only be awarded to students who successfully complete a degree or have completed a four-year degree.
  • The student must complete a three-credit breadth component. The breadth component requires that a student take courses in at least two disciplines, with a minimum of three credits to be completed in a second discipline.
  • Student must earn a C or better in each required certificate course to receive the certificate.

Core Classes

  • COM 327: Communication and Sport
  • JOU 208: Issues in 21st Century Sports Journalism

  • COM 353: Technology Mediated Communication in Sport
  • COM 426: Sport Communication and Analytics
  • ISC 473: Sport Promotion and Branding
  • ISC 551: Sales Promotion and Sponsorship
  • JOU 308: Sports Reporting and Editing
  • JOU 538: Law, Media and Sports


For more information, contact Faculty Director Jennifer Smith.

310 Blazer Dining
Lexington, KY 40506-0012

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