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Scripps Howard First Amendment Center

The mission of the Scripps Howard First Amendment Center at the University of Kentucky is to promote understanding of the First Amendment among citizens of Kentucky, to advocate for First Amendment rights in the Commonwealth and nationally, and to produce internationally recognized scholarship concerning the First Amendment and its related freedoms. Please feel free to contact the Center if you have any questions, or to share information about open and transparent government and public institutions throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

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Kentucky Open Government Blog: Created to chronicle news related to open government issues in the Commonwealth, including in the General Assembly. 

James Madison Award: Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are two of the linchpins of American democracy. The Scripps Howard First Amendment Center in the School of Journalism and Media at the University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information annually recognizes a Kentuckian who has made an outstanding contribution to the First Amendment. 

State of the First Amendment Address: An annual address for students and members of the community about their First Amendment right of free expression. 


Kentucky’s Open Meetings Law  K.R.S. 61.810 et seq. 
Closed: Parole board; collective bargaining; certain real estate transactions; certain employee matters; certain business negotiations and pending litigation involving a public agency. 

Kentucky’s Open Records Law  K.R.S. 61.872 et seq. 
Exempt: Personal information prohibited from disclosure for privacy reasons; some law enforcement records; some real estate documents, etc. 

Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky 

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