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The School of Journalism and Media offers a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a Bachelor of Science in journalism, with paths of study focused on print, broadcast or sports journalism, as well as a minor in journalism studies.

Journalism Major

Major Requirements 

The JOU major consists of 27 credits in major core requirements, nine credits in our print journalism, broadcast journalism or sports journalism path, six credits in electives in JOU or MAS at the 300-level or higher and a portfolio required for graduation, as well as the completion of 10 UK Core courses.

  • JOU 101 Intro to Journalism (three hours)
  • JAM 201 Grammar Standards & AP Style (one hour)
  • JAM 202 Portfolio and Profession (one hour)
  • JAM 203 Video & Camera Fundamentals (one hour)
  • JOU 204 Writing for the Mass Media (three hours)
  • PS _ _ _ Any Political Science course (three hours)

  • JOU 333 Media Law and Ethics
  • JOU 367 Mobile Journalism
  • JOU 498 Advanced Multimedia Storytelling
  • JAM 399 Internship
  • JOU 455 Mass Media and Diversity
Path Requirements (nine hours)

  • JOU 301 News Reporting  
  • JOU 303 News Editing
  • JOU 499 Advanced Writing for the Mass Media

  • JOU 302 Radio and TV News Reporting
  • JOU 304 Broadcast News Decision Making
  • JOU 404 Advanced TV News 

  • JOU 208 Issues in 21st Century Sports Journalism
  • JOU 308 Sports Reporting and Editing
  • JOU 408 Sports Broadcasting
Major Electives (15 hours)

Choose any 15 credits from JOU or MAS or ISC 300-level or higher class offerings.

Using electives, students can potentially design their own specialized interest area in addition to their path depending on availability of course offerings. Classes can be viewed in the Course Catalog. Priority registration given to students enrolled in the majors where classes originate.

JAM 395 Independent Study

Requires regular consultation with an instructor and may be repeated to a maximum of six credits. Enrollment normally limited to juniors and seniors with a 3.0 standing in the major. These requirements may be waived by the department in exceptional circumstances.


Other Requirements

Students must also successfully complete a portfolio to graduate. For more information on JOU portfolio requirements, click here



Journalism Studies Minor

We offer a minor in journalism studies that consists of a minimum of 18 credits.

  • JOU 101 Introduction to Journalism
  • JOU 204 Writing for the Mass Media

  • JOU 333 Media Law and Ethics
  • JOU 455 Mass Media and Diversity: Race, Gender & Class 

Select from the following for a total of six credits:

  • JOU 208 Issues in 21st Century Sports Journalism
  • JOU 319 World Media Systems
  • JOU 330 Web Publishing and Design
  • *JOU 415 Design and Layout (subtitle required)
  • **JOU 497 Special Topics in Journalism (subtitle required)
  • JOU 531 Media Law
  • JOU 532 Ethics of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • JOU 535 History of Journalism

*May be repeated to a maximum of three credits under different subtitles.

**May be repeated to a maximum of six credits under different subtitles. Changes effective Fall 2022.


Major and minor curriculum effective as of Fall 2022

For more information on which courses satisfy UK Core requirements and for course descriptions, check out the UK Undergraduate Bulletin. For questions regarding your specific coursework and program of study, please contact your academic advisor.

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