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You know you want to complete your bachelor's degree, but how do you find a program that will help you meet your goals and fit your busy lifestyle? The Information Communication Technology (ICT) program offers a unique degree completion track in Information Studies for students who want to finish college with a degree and develop skills to work as a technology trainer, information architect or data specialist. Students in this program track are specially admitted and may complete their bachelor's degree fully online.


Information studies track students will learn how information can be created, communicated, stored and/or transformed to benefit individuals, organizations and society. In our information based society, teaching students practical skills for analyzing, processing, managing information that will allow them to then create technology-based solutions using a user-centered approach and evaluate the roles of information in a variety of organizational settings is a valuable skill set that is currently sought by employers.

Program Benefits

  • Resident tuition for online students.
  • The IS track can be completed in 2-3 years depending on status.
  • Asynchronous online courses that allow you the flexibility to plan your class schedule around other priorities.
  • Students may transfer 60 credit hours and will complete ICT major requirements, the IS track and other University requirements completely online.



  • ICT 200 - Information Literacy and Critical Thinking
  • ICT 201 - Personal Knowledge Management
  • ICT 202 - Technologies for Information Services

  • ICT 205 - Issues in ICT Policy
  • ICT 305 - Data Detectives (GCCR)
  • ICT 301 - Introduction to Databases
  • ICT 310 - Exploring and Analyzing ICTs: Methodological Approaches
  • ICT 399 - Internship and Professional Development in ICT

Choose five courses from the following:

  • ICT 311 - Introduction to Information Science
  • ICT 315 - Human Relations and Technology
  • ICT 316 - Universal Access: Information and Working Environments 
  • ICT 320 - Information Architecture 
  • ICT 325 - Multimedia and Technology 
  • ICT 420 - Semantic Web Development
  • ICT 415 - Technology Training and Instructional Strategies

Students may choose from online courses at the 300+ level that are offered by the University.

If a student has not fulfilled the UK Core requirements, they should research options at their local community college or explore online options through UK (i.e., CIS 110, CIS 111, ICT 200).

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