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The communication minor provides students with an introduction to interpersonal, persuasive and mediated communication in a variety of contexts. Students can declare a minor by contacting an academic advisor in their home college.

Minor Requirements - 18 credit hours

  • COM 101 Introduction to Communications
  • COM 287 Persuasive Speaking
  • Choose two of the following:
    • COM 249 Mass Media and Mass Culture
    • COM 252 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
    • COM 281 Communication in Small Groups
    • COM 325 Introduction to Organizational Communication*
  • Choose two of the following:
    • COM 311 Patient-Provider Communication
    • COM 312 Learning Intercultural Communication through Media and Film
    • COM 313 Interpersonal Communication in Close Relationships
    • COM 314 The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication and Relationships
    • COM 315 Understanding Workplace Communication in a Diverse U.S. Society
    • COM 316 Emergency and Disaster Communication
    • COM 317 Communication in Family and Marital Relationships

* Department approval required.

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