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Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame

Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame

History and Nominations

The hall was created by the University of Kentucky Journalism Alumni Association in 1980. It is housed in the School of Journalism and Media in the Blazer Dining Hall Building on the Lexington campus. Nominees are inducted annually.

The Hall of Fame welcomes nominations, which may be submitted at any time. But for a nominee to be considered for induction in 2023, the nomination must be received electronically or postmarked by Monday, January 16, 2023

Please fill out the nomination form by clicking here: NOMINATION FORM

nomination letter elaborating on that information should be included.

nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae can be a useful document. The Hall of Fame recommends at least two seconding letters accompany the nominating material.

The complete nomination and seconding letters for the Hall of Fame are distributed to the selection committee.

The committee meets to review new submissions and discuss previous nominees who have not been selected.

The selection committee consists of the president of the UK Journalism Alumni Association; the director of the UK School of Journalism and Media or the director’s designee; the executive directors of the Kentucky Press Association and the Kentucky Broadcasters Association or their designees, and three Hall of Fame inductees chosen by the Journalism Alumni Association president.

Those selected by the committee are notified and invited to the Journalism Hall of Fame induction reception. Representatives of posthumous selectees will also be invited to the reception.

Guidelines for Nomination

  1. Nominees should be made from the period of modern Kentucky journalism history, dating from 1870. The hall includes a recognition of “Pioneers of Kentucky Journalism” before that era.
  2. Nominees should have made a significant connection to Kentucky and have been active in journalism long enough to establish that the contributions they have made to the profession are significant (the sole criterion for selection).
  3. Those who are Kentucky natives or were raised or educated in Kentucky but practiced journalism elsewhere are eligible for nomination and selection.
  4. Posthumous nominations are welcome.
  5. A portrait-style photograph of the nominee, or an easily accessible source for such a photograph, should accompany the nomination.

Nomination Letters

The Journalism Alumni Association recommends the nominating letters elaborate on the points listed below:

  1. What are the nominee's Kentucky connection(s)?
  2. Nominee’s current and past employment.
  3. Highlights of the nominee’s career, including awards received.
  4. Nominee’s significant contributions to journalism, in the form of coverage or commentary that illustrate journalism’s central role in democracy and civil society, contributions by the nominee to the stature of journalism and/or the education of journalists.
  5. Nominee’s contributions to society.

The Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame recognizes Kentuckians who have made significant contributions to the profession of journalism. Nominees must be natives of Kentucky or journalists who have spent a significant portion of their careers in Kentucky.

The Hall of Fame has inducted Pulitzer Prize winners, reporters, editors, photographers, publishers, broadcasters, journalism teachers and others who have left their mark on journalism. Scan the honor roll of more than 200 names and you’ll find the first African-American woman to cover the White House, the developer of gonzo journalism, a voice of Triple Crown races and winners of nearly every national journalism award.

Hall of Fame Inductees