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Joe Creason

Past Creason Lecturers

NOTE: Affiliations listed are at the time of their speech.

James Fallows

2023 James Fallows, author

John Lansing

2022 John Lansing, CEO of National Public Radio

Peter Baker and Susan Glasser

2021 Peter Baker, chief White House correspondent, New York Times, and Susan Glasser, staff writer, The New Yorker

2020 No lecture given

Howard Fineman

2019 Howard Fineman, global editorial director, Huffington Post

Sam Abell

2018 Sam Abell, National Geographic photographer

Terry Hunt

2017 Terry Hunt, AP Veteran

2016 Jeffery Marks, general manager of a Virginia television station

Pamela Brown

2015 Pamela Brown, CNN national news correspondent

2014 Mervin Aubespin, Louisville Courier Journal, associate editor (retired), former national president, National Association of Black Journalists

2013 Al Tompkins, senior faculty broadcast and online, The Poynter Institute

John Harwood

2012 John Harwood, CNBC, New York Times political writer

Leonard Pitts Jr

2011 Leonard Pitts, Jr., Miami Herald, nationally syndicated columnist

Tom Curley

2010 Tom Curley, Associated Press, president and CEO

2009 Howard Fineman, Newsweek/MSNBC, columnist

2008 John Carroll, former editor, Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, Lexington Herald-Leader

2007 Molly Bingham, journalist, photographer, filmmaker

2006 David Broder, Washington Post, columnist

2005 Leonard Downie, Jr., Washington Post, executive editor

2004 Earl Caldwell, New York Times, former civil rights-era reporter

2003 Bob Edwards, National Public Radio, host of Morning Edition

2002 Angelo B. Henderson, The Detroit News, special projects reporter

2001 Bonnie Angelo, Time Magazine, contributor

2000 Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune, columnist

1999 Charles L. Overby, The Freedom Forum, chairman and CEO

1998 Hodding Carter III, Knight Foundation, president and CEO

1997 Michael Gartner, NBC News, former president

1996 Geneva Overholser, Washington Post, ombudsman

1995 Robert Mulholland, NBC, former president

1994 Burl Osborne, Dallas Morning News, publisher/editor

1993 Jim Squires, Chicago Tribune, former editor

1992 Helen Thomas, UPI, reporter

1991 Bernard Shaw, CNN, anchor

1990 David Kindred, The National Sports Daily, columnist

1989 Charles Kuralt, CBS News, correspondent

1988 John Ed Pearce, Louisville Courier Journal, columnist

1987 John C. Quinn, USA Today, editor

1986 Eugene Patterson, St. Petersburg Times, Chairman and CEO

1985 Charles McDowell, Richmond Times-Dispatch, syndicated columnist

1984 David Dick, CBS Television News, correspondent

1983 Harrison E. Salisbury, New York Times, associate editor

1982 William Safire, New York Times, Washington Bureau

1981 Thomas G. Wicker, New York Times, associate editor

1980 John F. Day, CBS News, former director

1979 James Reston, New York Times, columnist

1978 No lecture given

1977 James J. Kilpatrick, Washington Star, syndicated columnist

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