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Media Arts and Studies Program

Media Arts and Studies Program
The Media Arts and Studies (MAS) degree program prepares students for careers in the creative digital media industries.  To achieve this mission, the MAS curriculum encourages a blend of theory and practice.  As our students get hands-on, skills-based instruction in the production of film, video, audio, and other digital media, they also learn to analyze the cultural, institutional, and legal dimensions of media systems.
Our top-quality students become graduates who make a real difference in a global media society.  They are employed by such well known companies as Twitter, CNN, CBS, Fox, IBM, The Weinstein Company, Entertainment One, Scripps-Howard, and iHeart, as well as media firms, schools, nonprofits, and government agencies in Kentucky and across the nation.  Many of our graduates also work as consultants and entrepreneurs and have established their own successful businesses.

The MAS degree program offers coursework in the following areas:

Digital Media Production

The MAS program prepares students for careers in the creation and production of video, film, and radio and music content across all digital media platforms.   In MAS courses, students gain skills in producing, directing, screenwriting, and technical areas of production.  Students also study the narrative forms and social and cultural impact of media content.

Multimedia Design and Development

The MAS program prepares students for careers in computer-based multimedia design and development.  In MAS courses, students learn to use software applications integrating audio, graphics, video, text, animation, and interactive applications for entertainment, business, and education.  Students also study theories of online gaming, social media, and related multimedia.

Media Management

The MAS program prepares students for careers in media management.  In MAS courses, students gain knowledge of the structure and processes of major media industries – including the film, television, internet, music, and game industries – as well as the operation of digital media companies, technology services, and entrepreneurial ventures.  Students also study the global cultural and economic influence of the media industries.

Media Studies

The MAS program prepares students for graduate study and law school in areas related to media and communication.  In MAS courses, students learn methods and concepts for developing new knowledge about media and society, and communicating these findings in public arenas.  Students also study the law, policy, and regulation of public communication.


All MAS students complete an internship for credit.  The internship provides every MAS student with on-site experiential learning in his or her area of interest prior to graduation.

Media Arts and Studies is home to the Innovation Network for Entrepreneurial Thinking, or iNET – a cross-disciplinary academic program in leadership and entrepreneurship.  Open to all UK students, iNET offers an array of learning opportunities that help connect students to the local entrepreneurial community, including mentoring with media professionals.

Many MAS students are involved in the student organization, Media Arts and Studies Society (MASS).  The University of Kentucky also provides a wide range of campus opportunities that enrich the lives and education of MAS students.  Included among these are the student-operated radio station WRFL-FM, the Media Depot at the Hub, and University Lighting & Sound.