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October 5, 2023

Brian Real, Anthony Limperos named Beam Institute Faculty Fellows

By Alexandria Landgraf

Brian Real (left) and Anthony Limperos (right) were named Beam Faculty Fellows.

Brian Real (left) and Anthony Limperos (right) were named Beam Faculty Fellows.

School of Information Science Assistant Professor Brian Real and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Department of Communication Chair Anthony Limperos were both recently named Beam Institute Faculty Fellows at the James B. Beam Institute of Kentucky Spirits in the University of Kentucky Martin-Gatton College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.  

To be a faculty fellow at the Institute, a candidate’s work, research and interests must align with those of the Institute. Fellows meet throughout the year to discuss their individual findings, propose future collaboration and to promote economic sustainability, environmental stewardship and responsible consumption. 

Real’s interest in the Kentucky bourbon industry and protecting its cultural heritage materials brings a unique perspective to the Institute’s team of faculty fellows. The ability to identify the economic impacts of the bourbon industry while reiterating the importance of preserving culture is something that Real hopes to work with other faculty fellows on as well. 

“The history behind the brands is a major factor in brand differentiation and making products stand out from each other,” Real said. “Plus, it’s a huge part of developing tours and bringing in tourists, which has become an important local economic factor for the state of Kentucky.”  

Limperos has been enamored with all things bourbon since moving to Kentucky in 2011. He has been on 13 distillery tours and in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic he co-founded a bourbon podcast that has grown into a weekly show which boasts an audience of 500-600 listeners. 

“As a creator and consumer of bourbon media, I am very interested in understanding more about how bourbon media can influence various cognitive, affective, and behavioral outcomes, like purchasing decisions,” Limperos said. 

Limperos plans on expanding his research in understanding media psychology and message reception processes while working as a fellow. 

“As a faculty fellow, I hope to be able to form stronger connections to the industry that can not only benefit my own research but also forge connections for students who are seeking careers in the ever-blossoming Kentucky bourbon industry,” Limperos said. 

Real plans on using his connection to the Institute to work with archivists to develop a more formal archival process for preserving the history and culture of the distilling industry. 

“I am also using this connection to connect some of my classes to elements of local Kentucky history,” Real said. “I hope to bring students in my archives and manuscript management course next spring to visit Buffalo Trace.” 

Real and Limperos hope that their roles as faculty fellows will grow the impact of their research, goals, and classes, as well as the Institute. 

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