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Our College houses research spaces for both hands-on research as well as focus group spaces. These spaces are in addition to those provided for researchers at the university level such as those through UK Libraries.

Please contact CI Technology Services for assistance with scheduling and using CI research spaces.

Digital Content Analysis (DCA) Lab

Unique to the College‚Äôs research technology is the Digital Content Analysis (DCA) Lab. The DCA Lab provides media monitoring services through on-demand access to television broadcasts. Features of this system include a permanent, searchable, streamable archive of television for on a server with millions of hours of streaming video storage, a transcript search engine, captured in real-time, to assist in analysis and the ability to search, view and catalog stored television via a custom web-interface called COMMTV. A coding web application gives researchers the ability to manage workflow by assigning streaming content and transcripts to coders who record their observations to a centralized dataset.

Interactions, Learning and Behavior (ILAB) Lab

The College also utilizes the ILAB, for studying interactions, learning and behavior. This residential-style space is designed to help achieve natural and authentic response data from participants while discreetly providing advanced data-collection capabilities. This relaxed arrangement is equipped with three pan-tilt-zoom cameras and microphones, which feed to an external control room and observation space. The room is also equipped with the BIOPAC wireless body response system capable of measuring both heart rate and skin conductance. A large LED screen is available for displaying stimuli, and researchers have the option of using iPads to collect subject response data.

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