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Awards and Recognition

The College of Communication and Information joins the University’s efforts to recognize and award the outstanding contributions of CI students and alumni.

Hall of Distinguished Alumni

Established in 1963, the Hall of Distinguished Alumni pays tribute to those UK alumni who have distinguished themselves and their alma mater through their contribution to the welfare of the commonwealth and the nation in arts, sciences, business, industry, engineering, journalism, politics, military science, religion, agriculture, labor or other fields of endeavor. Inductions occur every five years.

The CI alumni named to the UK Hall of Distinguished Alumni are:


College of Communication and Information Outstanding Alumnus Award

This award is presented annually to an outstanding alumnus of the College of Communication and Information. The nominee must have achieved success in their career and support the mission of the College.

The CI alumni who have received this award are:

  • 2024 Michael Eaves
  • 2023 Nancy Wiser
  • 2022 Tommy L. Preston
  • 2018 David Thompson
  • 2017 Dan Hassert
  • 2016 Jennifer Smith
  • 2015 J.D.Shelburne
  • 2014 Lonzell Watson
  • 2013 Judge Jennifer B. Coffman
  • 2013 Steven W. Newberry
  • 2012 Michael Carozza
  • 2011 W. James Host
  • 2010 Jay Blanton
  • 2009 Dan Liebman
  • 2008 Dr. Phillip Palmgreen, Andrew Oppmann
  • 2007 Dr. Lee B. Becker
  • 2006 Everett J. "EJ" Mitchell II
  • 2005 Dr. Bruce Berger
  • 2004 Judy and Gene Clabes
  • 2003 Jody Carbiener Dreyer
  • 2001 Dr. Rona J. Roberts
  • 2000 Kathryn R. Costello
  • 1999 John R. "Jack" Guthrie

College of Communication and Information Friend of the College Award

The Friend of the College Award recognizes the contributions to the College of Communication and Information by volunteering, providing internships or involvement in programs or opportunities to support the College in other ways. The recipient is recognized at the annual College Excellence Awards.

The recipients of this award are:

  • 2024 Kathel Dunn
  • 2023 Matt Johnson
  • 2022 Krishna Hobbs
  • 2018 Jeff Ashley
  • 2018 Larry and Susan Patrick
  • 2017 Jayne Hancock
  • 2016 Craig Kurz
  • 2016 Jeremy Rogers
  • 2015 Jamie Leddin
  • 2014 Janice Birdwhistell
  • 2014 Kip Cornett
  • 2013 Alan Stein
  • 2012 Don Jacobs
  • 2011 Patrick A. Dalbey
  • 2010 Bernard L. "Bernie" Vonderheide
  • 2009 Charles Brymer
  • 2009 Patrick Mutchler
  • 2008 Phil Osborne
  • 2007 Carl West
  • 2006 Albert P. "Al" Smith, Jr.
  • 2005 Patricia Hunter Shannon
  • 2004 Dr. Gifford Blyton
  • 2003 Nell Blair Vaughn
  • 2002 David L. Weller
  • 2001 Richard G. "Dick" Wilson
  • 2000 Rosemary Westley

Lyman T. Johnson Awards

The University of Kentucky Alumni Association’s Lyman T. Johnson African American Alumni Group, in partnership with the University of Kentucky Office of Institutional Diversity honors amazing African American students and alumni from each college at an annual event.

The CI students and alumni who have earned this award are:

  • 2023 Nigel Taylor, Celeste Warren
  • 2022 Kayla Gales, Erin Ashley Simon, Christina S. Walker
  • 2021 Camille Wright, Sabriel Metcalf, Yalonda Green
  • 2020 Akhira Umar, DeBraun Thomas
  • 2019 Chandler Frierson, Sabirah Rayford
  • 2018 Maria Jones, Shawn Long
  • 2016 Taylor Gadberry, Portia Burgess
  • 2015 Kaelin Massey, Michael Eaves
  • 2014 Andrea Richard, Kortez Wilson
  • 2013 Melvin Coffee
  • 2011 Ashley Y. Newby
  • 2009 Ashley Jackson, Lakendra Leandra, Joseph "Joker" Phillips
  • 2008 Samantha Brown, Eric L. Brown
  • 2007 Naitore Kiogora, Troy Body
  • 2006 Sherrel Latoria Watson, Cathy A. Black
  • 2005 Leslie Hollerman, Angela Tuck, Reinette Jones
  • 2004 BaRhonda Dickerson, Everett J. Mitchell
  • 2003 Dr. Rana Johnson, Quintissa Peake
  • 2002 Lisa Brown, Cliff Jackson
  • 1999 Angelo Henderson

UK Alumni Association Service Award

These awards are presented annually to honor and recognize alumni and friends of the University of Kentucky, who have provided extraordinary service to the University of Kentucky and the UK Alumni Association.

The CI alumni who have earned this honor are:

  • Jeffrey L. Ashley (2015)
  • Price Atkinson (2016)
  • Joe C. Creason (1971)
  • John R. “Jack” Guthrie (1991)
  • Diane M. Massie (2005)
  • Hank B. Thompson Jr. (1997)

UK Joseph T. Burch Young Alumni Service Award

This award is named for a long-time UK administrator who spent the better part of his life in service to UK students. It is presented annually to honor and recognize an alumna or alumnus who is an active member of the University of Kentucky Alumni Association, who is 10 years or less out of college at the time of nomination and who has worked on behalf of young people through the university, the UK Alumni Association, their alumni club or in the local community.

The CI alumni who have received this award are:

  • Antoine Huffman (2015)
  • Jeremy L. Jarvi (2013)
  • Quintissa S. Peake (2012)
  • Rachel Watts Webb (2014)

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