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Pence Hall

About the Pence Hall Project

Preserving History

Completed in 1909, Pence Hall originally housed Physics and Civil Engineering. It was named to honor Merry Pence, chairman of the physics department and the designer of the building. Pence Hall was home to the architecture department and College of Design for many years until its move to the newly renovated Gray Design Building (formerly the Reynolds Building). As part of the University's Asset Preservation initiative, Pence Hall is slated to become the new front door of the College of Communication and Information in Fall 2025. 

Process and Timeline

Beginning in Fall 2022, the College of Communication and Information formed a core committee to oversee the Pence Hall Project. The committee consisted of representatives from each area of the College. In the spirit of collaboration, the College hosted two Town Halls on Sept. 22, 2022, and Jan. 25, 2023 as well as smaller group meetings with affected units. As plans were finalized, committee members ensured CI faculty, staff and student voices were heard. 

The project has gone through the following phases: 

  1. Pre-Design and Programming
  2. Schematic Design  
  3. Design Development
  4. Construction Documents
  5. Bidding and Negotiation

Construction is set to begin in Spring 2024. 

Pence Hall Phases


Design and Construction Partners

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