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May 6, 2024

UK Libraries and SIS host conversation hour

By Mattie Price

SIS Conversation Hour

SIS Conversation Hour

The School of Information Science partnered with University of Kentucky Libraries to host an in-person conversation hour for SIS staff and UK librarians, to encourage collaboration and networking.

On Wednesday, April 17, in the William T. Young Library, five SIS faculty members met with 31 UK librarians to discuss their current research and projects. 

“The meeting at the UK Libraries/SIS event turned out to be a lot more fruitful than I expected,” Assistant Professor Fatima Espinoza-Vasquez said. “We came up with a few new project ideas and opportunities for collaboration that I'm excited to see progress in the near future. I'm really happy I went.”

Assistant Professor Beth Bloch echoed Espinoza-Vasquez's sentiments.

“I greatly appreciated the recent conversation hour, which provided a valuable opportunity to connect with fellow library and information science professionals,” Bloch said. “The event was marked by a warm and open atmosphere, where librarians and research faculty were given the opportunity to share their diverse research interests and perspectives.”

Bloch added that the event laid the foundation for future partnerships in her research. 

“I was particularly impressed by the turnout and the genuine eagerness to engage in dialogue and explore potential collaborations,” Bloch said. “Such interactions not only enrich our professional network but also reinforce our shared commitment to advancing the field. This event undoubtedly laid the groundwork for meaningful partnerships that could drive forward innovative projects and research.”

To learn more about future events, email Ashley Dewitt at

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