Distance Learning

The School of Information Science offers the Master of Science in Library Science (MSLS) degree in a distance learning format with an online graduate portfolio as the final exam component.

The School's Library Science master's program offers courses that require no student presence on the main campus. Online course offerings for the MSLS degree are asynchronous and do not require meetings outside of the online classroom environment.

The School also offers an Information Studies minor for undergraduate students at the University of Kentucky for which the required courses may be completed online.

Current and past schedules for IS and LIS courses are available here for planning purposes.

Select courses in the Composition & Communication sequence (CIS 110 & 111, and CIS 300 classes) have also been offered as fully online or hybrid online classes in past semesters: check the catalog for current offerings.

For more information, contact UK SIS Student Affairs at infosci [at] uky.edu or visit the School of Information Science site.

Additional information on the University of Kentucky Distance Learning can be found at: http://www.uky.edu/ukonline/