Doctor of Philosophy

The University of Kentucky College of Communication and Information offers the only doctoral communication program in the Commonwealth. The College approaches the study of communication as a social science with an emphasis on both theory construction and empirical research methods in order to generate new knowledge about communication as a core process.

Graduates are prepared for university positions and careers in government, the media and other organizations as researchers, consultants and policy makers. Students must demonstrate general knowledge of communication, as well as competence in a core area of specialization. Current core areas include communication and information systems, health communication, interpersonal communication, and mass communication.

Students must demonstrate a thorough grasp of communication theory and research methods and must take course work in a cognate area outside of Communication. Proficiency in a foreign language is not required for successful completion of the Ph.D. in Communication. A student's advisory committee may, however, stipulate certain graduate-level courses in another language for the student's program that are consistent with the objectives of the student's program.

For more information, please visit the Graduate Program in Communication site and The Graduate Bulletin.