University Scholars Program Courses

Six credit hours each semester of the first year of the program (12 total), can serve as dual-credit courses—counting both towards your undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students must complete all required courses for their major. Typically, graduate courses will count as elective courses in the undergraduate major.

Choose From
Up to 12 credits or any 500-level graduate-level approved COM, ICT, ISC, JOU, or MAS course with prior approval from both the instructor and the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in Communication.
CJT 651—Communication Theory
CJT 608—Mass Communications and Society
CJT 631—Proseminar in Interpersonal Communication
CJT 645—Proseminar in Mass Communication Theory
CJT 665—Quantitative Communication Research Methods

Outside the Major
EDP 557—Gathering and Analyzing Statistics (or approved equivalent by the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in Communication)

Graduate Program in Communication University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program offers particularly gifted and highly motivated students the opportunity and the challenge of integrating their undergraduate and graduate courses of study in a single continuous program culminating in both a baccalaureate and a master’s degree.

Who is Eligible
Undergraduate students who have completed at least 90 credit hours (or are currently enrolled).
♦ Students’ undergraduate majors must be in communication, information communication 
technology, integrated strategic communication, journalism, or media arts and studies.
♦ Undergraduate GPA average must be at least 3.5 in the major, and 3.2 overall.


Students interested in beginning the University Scholars Program the first semester of their senior year should submit their application sometime during the second semester of their junior year. 

Application Process
Applicants must apply through the Graduate School’s online ApplyYourself Application. For more information visit 

♦ Students should meet with the Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in Communication to 
design a plan of study.
♦ Students will indicate on the application under “Plan of Study” that they are applying for the 
University Scholars Program for Communication.
♦ The application deadlines for the program are
   Spring—November 15
   Summer II—April 15
   Fall—July 1

Financial Assistance 

The primary classification of University Scholars will be undergraduate until they have completed all requirements for their undergraduate degree, and undergraduate tuition rates will be applied to the 12 hours (or less) of graduate level coursework designated for dual credit in this program. University Scholars cannot receive Graduate School support until they have completed the credit hours required for their undergraduate degree.

For Additional Information
Dr. Bobi Ivanov

Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in Communication
bobi [dot] ivanov [at] uky [dot] edu
Graduate Program in Communication