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Ellie Long

A routine trip to the University of Kentucky Gatton Student Center sparked a moment of pride for senior Integrated Strategic Communication major Ellie Long. “I walked into the Student Center the other day, and saw a group of about 15 freshmen, all wearing my design on their shirts,” explained Long. “I've never felt so proud of my own work before. Just being able to see something that I had created completely by myself out in the real world, and worn by students, is an incredible feeling.”

Long’s logo design is a result of her summer internship with the College of Engineering, during which time she rebranded Engineering’s LLP. “It was so fun, and I was so honored and excited to have the responsibility of designing the logo all on my own,” she said. “The best part is seeing my work come to life around campus on t-shirts and other materials.”

In addition to rebranding the LLP, Long executed several other communication responsibilities during her internship, including editing website content and writing for other marketing and promotional publications.

However, Long’s favorite and most frequent assignments were design projects that allowed her to be creative. “I chose ISC because I wanted a major/career path that would allow me to use my creativity and that's exactly what ISC has done for me,” expressed Long.

The College of Communication and Information internship program provides students the opportunity to apply knowledge they’ve acquired through coursework in a hands-on, professional setting. Long stated, “I learned so much from my internship. Most importantly, just how a real-life office operates, which is so important to learn before entering the workforce.”

After graduation, Long plans to pursue creative work in the field. “I definitely feel that ISC has adequately prepared me for anything that is to come,” she said. “I can't imagine graduating with any other major.”

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