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Jennifer Pizzurro

OMD, Media Strategy Supervisor - PepsiCo Account



Year Graduated: 



Long Island, New York

Current City: 

New York, New York

Current Employer: 

OMD, Media Strategy Supervisor - PepsiCo Account

Top played song on your playlist?: 

My Shot from Hamilton – I’m a huge Broadway junkie!

Where has your CI degree taken you?: 

Honestly, my degree from UK has brought me all the way to New York City! I am lucky enough to have worked in both television on the network side at NBC Universal, to media strategy and planning with Mediacom and OMD. My current position is a mix of everything I love about media and I couldn’t be happier!

What is your favorite thing about your job?: 

I have the most amazing team! I am the Media Strategy Supervisor on the Strategy team for the PepsiCo account at OMD USA. My position allows me to work on Media Strategy for the Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Zero Sugar brands. I love being in a position where I am encouraged to be creative and seeing the ideas of my team play out. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your strategy play out across your television screen or digital platforms.

What¹s the most valuable thing you learned in CI?: 

Networking and learning how to present. I was fortunate enough to have great professors at UK who I still stay in touch with who helped me launch my dreams into a real career. Additionally, I present everyday whether it be a client deliverable, speaking in a meeting or delivering a media strategy recommendation to senior management on both the client side and agency side. The presentation skills I learned at UK and honed during my masters at Baruch have helped in giving me the confidence to deliver my best work.

What advice would you give to current CI students?: 

Always be positive and go with the flow because in five years from now no one will remember what you said, they will remember how you said it and the emotion behind it. Always put the best you forward!

Second piece of advice would be to connect with your alumni! We love to help you all out! Add me on LinkedIn or send me an email at Jnpizzurro {at} Gmail {dot} com

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