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Maggie Owens

Administrative Fellow, UK HealthCare



Year Graduated: 



Lexington, KY

Current City: 

Lexington KY

Current Employer: 

Administrative Fellow, UK HealthCare

Top played song on your playlist?: 

This is a hard one, so I am going to choose a few albums…Lauren Daigle’s “Look Up Child” album or “The Greatest Showman” album.

Where has your CI degree taken you?: 

Post-graduation, my degree helped me to excel in UK’s Master in Health Administration Program where I then became President of the MHA Student Association. I had an excellent foundation and understanding around patient-provider communication and communication strategies in a healthcare setting. The fellowship interview process can be very intense, and I believe this degree prepared me for interviews and interactions with all levels of healthcare professionals.

What is your favorite thing about your job?: 

I like looking into an area or a new project and seeing how we can further impact the patient experience in a positive way at UK HealthCare. By improving efficiencies, operational flow, and communication in the hospital, we impact the patient and their experience they have with us directly. Also, I work with passionate people who love to serve others. It brings me so much joy working with other service-oriented people.

What¹s the most valuable thing you learned in CI?: 

The professors empowered me with sharing the skills they found as my strengths which I didn’t know were valuable as a young student. I will empower young students and find their “strengths” as I move forward with my career.

What advice would you give to current CI students?: 

Get involved in your community and at UK- join clubs and organizations you are passionate about. Don’t let being young hold you back from applying to certain jobs or internships- you may surprise yourself. Be patient- it’s okay to not know exactly what you want to do with your life right now. Never underestimate the power of networking- utilize relationships and mentors because remember, they were in your position at one time.

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