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Matt Murray

Head of Social Media- TODAY show, NBC News



Year Graduated: 



Cincinnati, OH

Current City: 

New York, NY

Current Employer: 

Head of Social Media- TODAY show, NBC News

Top played song on your playlist?: 

"The Eye" by Brandi Carlile

Where has your CI degree taken you?: 

I’m currently the Head of Social Media for the TODAY Show family of brands at NBC News.

What is your favorite thing about your job?: 

No two days are the same, and it’s always fun to be working in an ever-changing digital landscape, always having to come up with new effective ways to distribute your content to a wider audience.

What¹s the most valuable thing you learned in CI?: 

Learning to write about things you know nothing about. It’s worth mentioning that the Kentucky Kernel was instrumental in learning these things in practice and seeing how a final product comes together.

What advice would you give to current CI students?: 

Get involved and step out of your comfort zone. Try things you're afraid of, learn to work strange hours and talk to people with different opinions than your own.

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