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This award recognizes a faculty member or members who have achieved a record of noteworthy achievements in research since joining the College, or since last receiving this award, whichever is most recent. Nominations should enumerate the achievements in this period, and explain how each contributes to the nomineeā€™s program of scholarship. Please include a brief description of the research conducted and an explanation of importance to the College or to their field of expertise. The award winner will receive a $350 cash prize, a plaque and recognition at the College Excellence Awards and may be eligible for a salary supplement as outlined in the Wethington Faculty Incentive Plan.


All regular full-time faculty members who have been employed by the College for at least one year are eligible for nomination for this award. Former award recipients are eligible to receive the award after a three-year period. This includes faculty with administrative appointments such as Director, Department Chair or Associate Dean for Graduate Studies. The Dean of the College is not eligible.

Past Winners

  • 2023, Mariah Cahill, SIS
  • 2022 Kimberly Parker, ISC
  • 2021 Aurora Occa, COM
  • 2020 Diane Francis, COM
  • 2019 Don Helme, COM
  • 2018 David Nemer, SIS
  • 2017 Andy Pilny, COM
  • 2016 Tae Hyun Baek, ISC and Marko Dragojevic, COM
  • 2015 Patric Spence, SIS and Jeannette Sutton, COM
  • 2014 Sherali Zeadally, SIS
  • 2013 Brandi Frisby, SIS, Allison Scott, COM and Shari Veil, COM
  • 2012 Elisia Cohen, COM
  • 2011 Bobi Ivanov, JAT
  • 2010 Timothy Sellnow, COM
  • 2009 Elisia Cohen, COM and Thomas Lindlof, JAT
  • 2008 Deborah Chung, JAT
  • 2007 Chan Yoo, JAT
  • 2006 Michael Arrington, COM and Richard Labunski, JAT
  • 2005 Chike Anyaegbunam, JAT and Seth Noar, COM
  • 2004 Kevin Real, COM
  • 2003 Derek Lane, COM
  • 2002 No award given
  • 2001 Sorin Matei, JAT
  • 2000 Scoobie Ryan, JAT and Rick Zimmerman, COM
  • 1999 Philip Palmgreen, COM

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