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Excellence in teaching is a multi-faceted achievement and it requires not only mastery of subject matter, but awareness of current developments and a vision of what is to come. It requires the ability to communicate that knowledge to students in ways that foster understanding, intellectual growth and a broadening of perspectives. It requires a commitment to igniting respect for the discipline and a desire to uphold the values and ethics of the discipline. It requires a never-ending quest to stay attuned to student needs, concerns and interests. It requires discipline to challenge students with robust, diverse assignments that demand thorough, thoughtful evaluation by the teacher. Excellence in graduate teaching is championed and honored by the College of Communication and Information through its annual Graduate Teaching Excellence Award. The award consists of a plaque, $200 in cash, and recognition at the annual College Excellence Awards. The recipient is not eligible for the supplemental salary award as outlined in the Wethington Faculty Incentive Plan.


Current M.A. or Ph.D. students with a full-time appointment in teaching or graduate students with a university fellowship who teach one course on a part-time basis are eligible for the award for teaching excellence by a graduate student.

Past Winners

  • 2023 Nadia Sesay
  • 2022 Ansley George
  • 2021 Blanca Muñoz
  • 2020 Hayley Hoffman
  • 2019 Kaitlyn Mathews
  • 2018 Sean Goatley-Soan
  • 2017 Gabrielle Dudgeon
  • 2016 Nicholas Tatum
  • 2015 Anna-Carrie "Annie" Beck
  • 2014 Timothy Bill
  • 2013 Bethney Wilson and Laura Young
  • 2012 Renee Kaufmann
  • 2011 Elizabeth Petrun
  • 2010 Katharine Head
  • 1999 - 2009 No award given
  • 1998 Stephen Haggerty
  • 1997 Bruce Berger
  • 1996 Gina Wesley
  • 1995 Donna Shannon
  • 1994 Celia Wall
  • 1993 Tina Harris
  • 1992 Marilyn Hunt and Lynda Thomas
  • 1991 Chris Foreman
  • 1990 Martha Einerson

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