Media Arts and Studies Major

The mission of the Media Arts and Studies program is to provide instruction and conduct scholarly research in the creation, production, dissemination and use of digital media content. Courses and internships prepare students for careers in the industry with interest in

Video and Audio Production

Including producing, directing, writing, and technical supervision – across all digital media platforms.

Multimedia Design and Development

Including computer-based interactive multimedia design and development, web applications, integrating audio, graphics, video, text, animation, and interactive applications for education, entertainment, and business purposes.

Media Management

Including network management in organizations; media distribution, sales and marketing; audience and content research; nonprofit and for-profit media entrepreneurship; and the management of various types of telecommunications and digital media companies.

Media Studies

Including advanced study in media education and scholarship, public advocacy of media-related issues, and communications law and policy.

Video Games

Including interactive game production, history of video games and the industry, video game studies, and video game design.

Four Year Plans


Degree Requirements
120 Credit Hours (EXCLUDES: KHP service courses, EXP courses, and remedial courses)
Complete all UK Core, Graduation Composition and Communication, and BA or BS requirements
42 hours at the 300 level or above
2.00 cumulative GPA and 2.00 major GPA required to graduate

Pre-Major Requirements–9 Hours
MAS 101—Introduction to Media and Culture
MAS 201—Communication Technologies and Society

STA 210—Making Sense of Uncertainty: An Introduction to Statistical Reasoning

Major Requirements
MAS 300—Media Studies Research Methods
MAS 310—Media Policy and Regulation
MAS 335—Introduction to the Media Industries
JAT 399—Internship

24 Hours of Major Electives as Follows:

Hours from Social-Cultural Media Courses (Minimum 6 Hours)
MAS 319—World Media Systems
MAS 323—Media Psychology
MAS 420—Electronic Media Criticism
MAS 505—Media and Popular Culture
MAS 520—Social Effects of the Mass Media
MAS 525—Theory of Multimedia
MAS 530—Proseminar in Telecommunications
MAS 540—Social Media Theory and Practice
MAS 555—The Internet and Social Change
MAS 560—Video Game Studies
MAS 590—Special Topics in Social-Cultural Media Studies (Subtitle required)
JAT 395—Independent Study

Media Industry Courses (Minimum 3 Hours)
MAS 355—Communication and Information Systems in Organizations
MAS 425—Social Entrepreneurship for Media
MAS 435—History of Video Games and the Industry
MAS 482—Electronic Media Sales Management
MAS 490—Special Topics in Media Industry Studies (Subtitle required)
MAS 535—Telecommunications Network Management

Media Production Courses (Minimum 3 Hours)
MAS 312—Video Production I
MAS 322—Multimedia I
MAS 390—Special Topics in Media Production (Subtitle required)
MAS 403—TV Newscast Producing and Directing
MAS 412—Video Production II
MAS 422—Multimedia II
MAS 432—Audio Production
MAS 455—Music Industry Management

Students must complete a minor offered through UK, with the exception of minors in Journalism Studies or Media Arts and Studies.


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