Minor in Information Studies—18 Credit Hours

The Information Studies minor prepares students to explore and analyze information needs, and deploy appropriate and effective approaches to satisfying those needs. Students study topics such as health informatics, societal issues, information technology management and more.

IS 200—Information Literacy and Critical Thinking
IS 201—
Personal Knowledge Management
IS 202—
Technologies for Information Services

*Note: ICT 200/201/202 are cross-listed with IS 200/201/202 and are the same course. Students may take the IS or ICT side toward their minor.

Minor Electives

Choose 2 From:
IS 303—
Systems Analysis
IS 326—Electronic Information Resources for Health Professionals
IS 327—Consumer Health Information Seeking
IS 402—Competitive Intelligence

Choose 1 From:
ICT 311—Introduction to Information Science
ICT 316—Universal Access: Information and Work Environments
ICT 320—Information Architecture
ICT 325—Multimedia & Technology
ICT 420—Semantic Web Development


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