Minor in Media Arts and Studies—18 Credit Hours


Complete the following two courses:

MAS 101—Introduction To Media and Culture
MAS 201—Communication Technologies and Society


In addition, compete twelve (12) credits of course work with MAS prefix; six credits from the social-cultural media courses, three credits from the media industry course, and three additional hours of MAS major courses (MAS 300 or higher level).

Social-Cultural Media Courses World Media Systems; Electronic Media Criticism; Mass Communication and Social Issues; Media and Popular Culture; Social Effects of the Mass Media; Theory of Multimedia; The Internet and Social Change; and Special Topics in Social-Cultural Media Studies (Subtitle required).

Industry Courses Introduction to the Media Industries; Communication and Information Systems in Organizations; Social Entrepreurship for Media; The History of Video Games & Industry; Electronic Media Sales Management; Telecommunications Network Management

Media Production Courses Video Production I; Multimedia I; Social Topics in Media Production (Subtitle required); Video Production II; Multimedia II; and Audio Production.