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The University of Kentucky College of Communication & Information National Advisory Board is vital to the success of the College and will help us continue to increase the number of endowed scholarships we are able to offer to our students, to improve our programs and centers of excellence, and enhance our reputation both regionally and nationally to better serve our students and the residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and beyond.

The CI National Board is a voluntary group that serves as an external advisory body to the Dean of the College. Members of the board have attained prominence in their respective careers and are chosen for their value in providing counsel to the Dean. Advisory Board membership includes graduates and non-alumni members throughout the nation.

The primary work of the National Advisory Board is to:
• Advocate for College programs, students and faculty.
• Open doors for corporate connections.
• Educate and update our faculty on developments in the professional communities.
• Assist us with long range and strategic planning.
• Help us to find ways to recruit and retain students.
• Provide leadership for our fund raising efforts.
• Assist with our friend-raising efforts.